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Tamaki 4.876m

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$ 190.00
LOA: 16'0" 4.876m
Beam: 4'6" 1.137m
Weight: 330Ibs 150kgs
Construction: 9mm plywood over solid frames
Mast height: 14'8" 4.470m
Boom: 9'2" 2.794m
Timber: 10 x1 85 ft
Plywood: 6mm 4 sheets, 3mm 1 sheet

The TAMAKI dory has been designed along traditional lines but incorporating modern materials. The craft is constructed from 8 and 9mm plywood and this is over sawn frames and fore and aft battens which gives an extremely rigid construction capable of years of hard work in both commercial and pleasure use. The craft has been designed to be extremely easily driven and can be effortlessly rowed for hours on end. The hull shape also lends itself to sailing and a rig designed specifically for the Tamaki is shown on the plan. The spars are normally made from Oregon or similar timber with long straight grain and can be easily fabricated by the builder. This keeps the all up cost of the craft down to the minimum.

The Tamaki can also be powered by a small outboard or inboard engine. A 1'/2 h.p. inboard engine gives a speed of 5 knots. It will be necessary to use a long shaft outboard and motors up to 6 h.p. are all that is required. The 4.8m length ensures that the craft has a reasonable displacement speed and this size is ideal for one person to row. Unlike short fat dinghies the Tamaki carries way extremely well and rowing becomes a pleasure. The plan includes FULLSIZE templates of the frames, stem and transom plus full construction details.

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